Top 10 Freepik Alternatives 2022

Adobe Stock

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Freepik and Adobe Stock are two resources with a lot in common. Freepik was launched in 2008, when stock photos were still mostly the possession of big agencies, while the most prominent game-changer in digital stocks, Adobe Stock, hit the scene back in 2015. Created by Adobe, a leader in creative tools, it is no surprise that they offer a very clean design and easy navigation – all vital aspects of what users look for today.


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Unsplash boasts a large library of high-quality, free plans for users, giving people an alternative to the oft-used Freepik site. And for those looking for some variety in their photo needs, Unsplash could be just what you need.


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FreePik Alternative Flickr is a site that helps you find alternative flickr accounts for your photos. We have a database of different accounts from all around the world. When you upload a photo on FreePik Alternative Flickr, it will be uploaded to the account’s flickr account.

Our goal is to make it easier for people who don’t want to use their original flickr accounts to get the same exposure they would get if they uploaded their photos through their original account on flickr.


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Vecteezy is an online vector editor, but the interface is very different from the usual one. It’s not just a tool for creating vectors, but also a tool for editing them. You can add text, change fonts and colors, create your own shapes and effects, add layer styles and more. The result is always a vector file that you can use in any graphic design program or in any other application that supports vector graphics.


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Pixlr is a great alternative to Freepik. Pixlr has a more robust set of features, which makes it easier to use and more likely to be used by your audience.

Here are some of the differences between Pixlr and Freepik:

  • Pixlr is available on multiple platforms, whereas Freepik is only available on
  • Pixlr allows for more flexibility in terms of adding styles and effects, whereas Freepik has fewer options for customization.
  • Pixlr offers better search functionality.

Vector Stock

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Freepik Alternative Vector Stock is the right choice for you. It is an exclusive resource of free elegant vector design stock images and vector graphics, which has become an essential part of modern graphic design world.

Freepik alternative websites are the evolution of Freepik. They focus on providing an independent image source where users can find all the best images they need. There are also thousands of graphics designers uploading their graphics every day on these new websites. So, you no longer need to archive graphics on Freepik. You can now use these great alternatives with no limitations.