Gancube GAN356 i 2 Review: a smart cube for great fun

Whether you’re a beginner or a competitive speedcuber, you’ll enjoy the endless challenges and puzzles that come with the gancube GAN356 i 2 – cube play.

The Rubik’s Cube is a toy puzzle where the goal is to figure out how to move all the colored tiles on each side of the cube so that every face has a solid color. It was invented by Erno Rubik in 1974 and first introduced to the world in 1980. When solved, it becomes one of the most popular puzzles in history, sold more than two million copies worldwide, and gained world fame by being featured in many popular television shows, movies, and books.

The app allows you to create your own customized solving system, and it boasts innovative, high-quality technology for an all-around fun experience.

With high quality and exquisite workmanship, GAN356 i 2  is a smart cube that can be used as a starting point for speedcubers to achieve their personal best. It uses magnetic force and a customized algorithm to ensure stability while solving and to ensure that the cube is controllable.

GAN356 i 2 creates the best control experience with incredible feeling, making this cube one of the most stable cubes on the market.

The GAN356 i 2 -Cube is an innovative digital cube that will allow users to enjoy speedcubing like never before.

With this cube, we do not only want to provide the traditional way of enjoying the cube, but also make it more interesting with the connecting app. We are determined to build up the world’s best corner cube brand to offer you a convenient and easy life. Because you deserve it!

Feliks Zemdegs is a professional and world record holder in the speed and efficiency of solving the Rubik’s cube. He is also known for his speed-solving performances with different products gan x infinity, including the air-um cube also. He completed a single world record by solving the Rubik Cube GAN356 air-um in just 7 seconds.

The Rubik’s Cube GAN356 i 2 is an all-new generation of 3D Rubik’s Cube that offers a totally new experience. It has a much larger mirror and comes in 6 different color and style designs. The cube can be rotated in numerous ways, making it challenging for spectators to guess which way the Rubik’s Cube is facing when it’s stuck at a certain stage.

The GAN356 i 2-Cube offers a variety of tools and functions to help you practice your speedcubing skills. From the CubeStation app to the AI-assisted motion recorder, these features can offer a substantial boost to anyone’s training routine. 

It’s also an excellent option for any beginning cuber looking for an affordable cube that comes with some extra features.

This is a great joy for us to realize such an idea.

Overall, these are the highlights of our GAN356 i 2-Cube:

  • Cube station app (Instant Reconstruct -Solving analysis )
  • Customized algorithm
  • Smart motion recorder (Rotating State, Instant Capture)
  • Long Durance:
  • Charge once, (last for 5 days)
  • Global battle (Friends Match Globally)
  • A.i assisted
  • Speed up training
  • Boost charging speed in 1.5 hours
  • Intelligent timer (Precise by milliseconds, Real and convenient Real-time)
  • AI Solving
  • Instant Animation -Guide step by step

The way to resolve an everyday cube with the APP?

  • Open CubeStation APP, Press the “AI solve” button, and 
  • Take images of 6 faces as proven, successfully diagnosed and
  • Generate solving steps animation,

The GAN356 i 2-Cube is a great choice for any beginning cuber looking for an affordable cube that comes with some extra features. It can offer a substantial boost to anyone’s training routine thanks to its many tools and functions.