How to Create a Powerful Science PowerPoint Presentation

A poorly executed presentation can completely undermine an otherwise interesting and insightful science topic. People usually perceive visuals better, so a presentation works well to convey a complex message. Especially when it comes down to scientific research or studies. 

Find out more about tips to create a great scientific presentation, which is effective and visually well-made. You can save up some time on a design using MasterBundles presentation templates or create your presentation from scratch. 

How do you make a good scientific presentation?

Even though presentations have been around for years, that doesn’t make everyone good at them. So here are some tips on creating a great science PowerPoint presentation:

Write conclusions, not descriptions

Taking this step will take your slide from being a presented version of the article to a story. Presenting raw evidence to an audience is useless, they can find it in an article, instead, you need to tell them your story. Crunching the numbers for the audience leaves them with more attention left for you. 

No chart junk

If you include charts or graphs, make them clean. Get rid of the grid lines, shadows, patterns, outlines, and whatnot. By getting rid of all the junk details, you’re giving your audience a clear image of what you want them to latch on from that slide. The PowerPoint templates do come with professional, clean charts. 

Get rid of things that don’t support your message

There are many elements that can make your presentation look cluttered and hard to understand. These include unimportant images, clip art, graphs, pictures, animations, etc. If they don’t perform any specific function on your slides, then they’re useless. They will take focus away from the main message, and confuse or distract the audience. 

Images can be helpful to a presentation but can also take away if they don’t support the goal of your presentation or the main message. The same goes for text, when there is too much of it, the audience can’t grasp it as smoothly.

Forget about conventional wisdom

Forget all about the different rules you have read, even though some might be helpful in some cases, mostly they prevent you from making a lasting impression. You want to create a presentation that’s comfortable with the audience, it needs to be easy to digest, and that can be achieved with 10 slides or 150, it all depends on your technique. 

If you have not much time to create a good presentation on your own then check out, where you can find a wide selection of science presentation templates.

How to give a fantastic scientific presentation talk?

A great presentation PowerPoint template combined with a fantastic scientific talk is arguably one of the most effective ways to leverage your research and progress. 

Here are 8 tips for your scientific talk to captivate your audience and clearly communicate your message in a limited time:

  1. Fully understand the goal of your talk
  2. Know your audience and their knowledge of the topic
  3. Explain “Why” they need to know about your specific topic
  4. Make your slides simple, but memorable
  5. Try to make a story or explain terms through storytelling
  6. Take brakes, make sure you don’t speak too fast
  7. Practice before presenting
  8. Relax, know your emotions and try to stay calm and confident in your topic and presentation

6 Premium Science templates from MasterBundles 

A scientific presentation is a great way to popularize your research but many researchers struggle with designing a high-quality PowerPoint presentation. We advise you to check out the MasterBundles marketplace, specifically the science ppt templates

On the page, you’ll find professional, first-rate pre-made presentation templates that fit any science subject you decide to present. 

Below we’ve included 6 premium templates you can use:

  1. Engineering PowerPoint Template. Best 50 Unique Slides In 2022
1 Engineering PowerPoint Template. Best 50 Unique Slides In 2022

This fantastic engineering template comes in 4 color schemes: blue, yellow, green, and red, depending on what style you are aiming for. You also get examples of different style graphs, charts, and tables with fully editable elements. With 50 unique slides, you can easily change their colors, text, and photos, and add icons and maps for the ideal presentation. 

  1. Best Science PPT Template 2022. 50 Scientific PowerPoint Slides And Google Slides & Keynote
2 Best Science PPT Template 2022. 50 Scientific PowerPoint Slides And Google Slides Keynote

A stunning scientific PowerPoint template is waiting for you! This template collection will fit any science topic of yours. Choose between the layouts to find one that best fits your content. Add, delete or re-order slide pages regarding your topic. The template pack includes a playful design with icons, maps, graphs, charts, and tables. 

  1. Infographics Presentation: PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides
3 Infographics Presentation PowerPoint Keynote Google Slides

This bright-colored presentation template is very easy to use and will play a big role in your studies since a presentation is the best way to interest an audience. An important feature of the template is the number of slides you get. 60 distinct slides! The slides are easy to use, including free fonts, and have a light or dark theme. 

  1. Web And Mobile App Development PowerPoint Presentation Template 
4 Web And Mobile App Development PowerPoint Presentation Template

Don’t want to spend time preparing complicated slides? Just download this presentation template and replace the text and images with your own in just a few clicks. Easy to use and customize, versatile, and thematically specific. All 50+ unique eye-catching slides have a pixel-perfect progressive design. 

  1. IT Software PowerPoint Presentation Template
5 IT Software PowerPoint Presentation Template

This modern template with an extremely attractive design is ideal to showcase your scientific idea in the best possible way. Totally adjustable, and designed to fit all of your needs. Each of the 50+ slides is fully editable, well-organized, and eye-catching. With the purchase of this template you automatically get free updates and free images and fonts that are included. 

  1. NEGUN – Presenation & Infographics
6 NEGUN Presenation Infographics

With the Negun presentation template, you can create a powerful and professional deck with a striking design in just a few minutes instead of hours. You get light and dark versions of the 110 unique slides and super smooth animations. All essential functions are included like a business chart, portfolio, teamwork table, data chart timeline, and more. 

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