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New Mockups to Bring Your Designs to Life

Mockups give viewers an idea of how the final product will appear, and the implementation of interactive elements like buttons and icons also hints at the function. As such, mockups have an advantage lower-fidelity wireframes and prototypes lack: mockups are more digestible to clients’ stakeholders.

So you’ve created a knockout design—now it’s time to present it to your client. This is where mockups come in handy. A mockup is a full rendering of your design on one or more of the client’s products like labels, business cards, stationery, and signage. A more complex mockup might show the client’s book on a bookshelf or in a reader’s hands, showing the world the product will inhabit.

Ways to create a Mockup:-

The 4 ways to create mockups are: 

  1. Create a custom mockup from scratch
  2. Create reusable mockup templates
  3. Use a mockup generator website
  4. Use a mockup creator software plugin

Different Mockups:-

Product Mockups:

A product mockup is a model of what your final product will look like. Product mockups are frequently used to present a final product in a real-life context. You can use product mockups to get feedback on a product concept before mass production or in a presentation to administrators, stakeholders, or investors.

Digital Mockups:

A digital mockup is a digital representation of a physical mockup. For digital products, a digital mockup is an obvious choice, but they can work for physical products as well — especially for showing off your product in a digital medium, like on your website. 

Fabrics Mockups:

These mockups will for sure be the right choice if your logo is related to the textile industry or even if your client is planning to use the logo on the company uniforms or bags.

Print Mockups:

A print mockup is a photorealistic rendering of potential print material and can be used to visualize how it will look after being printed. By creating a print mockup, you can visualize your design on flyers, banners, postcards, and nearly any other printed material.  Aside from verifying the overall design layout, print mockups can help verify the legibility of the font size prior to printing.

Device Mockups:

Device mockups are useful in marketing because you can show off your app or web pages in visually appealing designs, rather than sharing a boring screenshot. This type of mockup is also great for tech companies in the development phase to assist in deciding what their app or webpage will look like. For small startup tech companies, a device mockup can help them save money on development for a season and allow them to focus on other tasks such as research and marketing.


Mockups are a great business tool for showcasing products. They can be used for various business sizes and across industries. Using a mockup generator makes it possible even for those not skilled in graphic design to create professional mockups.