The Psychology of Color: A Color Guide For Designers

0share Color theory which comprises the basic techniques of picking a matching color series. The colors you choose when designing your website can convey different thoughts and emotions about your brand, so it’s imperative you choose the right colors for your brand. Knowing the effects…


Best Practices for Website Header Design

4shares A website header is the first thing that visitors see when they visit a site, and it appears on every page of the site. A good website header balances clean design and crystal-clear navigation to the deeper pages of…


UX Design Practices : Error Screens and Messages

5shares The best error message is the one that never shows up. It is always better to prevent errors from happening in the first place by guiding users in the right direction ahead of time. But, when errors do arise,…


Mobile UI Design: Some Basic Types of Screens

0share Today we reach for our smartphones for literally everything. User demands are continually growing, and mobile apps continue to evolve to meet them. Designers should create a mobile app interface that provides a satisfying experience. The mobile interface is…


Web Design: Some Basic Types of Web Pages

4shares Paying attention to website design is crucial to building your business. There are now nearly 1.7 billion websites online, which provide a lot of different types of websites to study, but also a lot of confusion over which type and…


Single-Page Website: Everything you need to know !

0share One page website is one of the most popular trends that is definitely dominating the web development sector this year. It showcases a trendy and practical way of delivering the most useful content. Multipage websites have been the traditional and established model in the website…


Tips to Make Your App Icon Stand Out

0share Icons play an extremely important role in the Click Through Rate (CTR) of a mobile application. Just like in real life, the first impression matters a lot in the App Store. With over 2 million apps in the Apple App Store and the Google…


UI Design: Basic Types of Buttons in User Interfaces

10shares While they may go unnoticed if they’re implemented properly, buttons are a vital element in creating a positive and productive user experience. At their most basic, UX buttons are styled links that grab the user’s attention and help drive…

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