Proof That Billboard Mockup Really Works

When it comes to designing billboards, the sky is the limit for your creativity. Designers use their creative ideas to get the user’s attention on the busy street. If you are designing such creative head-turning billboard designs, these billboard mockups will give life to your design.


Previously only words and creative arts are used in the billboards and poster designing. Now we have digital boards, with which you can create interactive ad designs. Big brands now use sensors along with the billboard to create interactive ad campaigns. For example, Reebok has placed a bundle of new shoes inside a glass billboard box, which is connected to a speed detector. When the people manage to run to the specified speed, the box opens and they get a new pair of shoes. This is one smart way of running an interactive ad campaign, you can check the video here.

Sick And Tired Of Doing Mockup The Old Way? Read This

The above-mentioned example is a modern sophisticated way of advertising. If you are expecting a simple yet effective design solution for your billboard ads, Ogilvy’s “Bite” design for Formula Tooth care will inspire you. There are thousands of brilliant billboard design examples like this. If you are creating one such creative, inspiring billboard design for your client, these billboard mockups will help you present your design elegantly and also save you time.

Modern billboards are used in this mockup set. The designer of this mockup has included different types of billboards placed in public places like subway stations and railway stations. Bright lightings are used in this billboard mockup images. The designer of the mockup has managed to give a clear view of your design by properly handling the PSD layers. To help you make an impressive presentation, the creator of the mockup has included both light and dark version mockups. Details in the images are captured perfectly in the mockup so that you get a natural look with this mockup images. In the download file, you get ten dark images and ten light images. Based on your need pick the mockups and start editing it for your presentation.

Use Mockup to Make Someone Fall in Love With You

If you are bored with all the vertical billboard mockups, you can use this one for a change. The designer of the mockup has used an indoor billboard mockup in this package. Reflections on the billboard posters are captured clearly in this mockup so that you get a natural look. At the same time, the images are taken in a correct angle so that the reflections do not overshadow your design. In the download file, you get two PSD files and each has different images taken from different angles. Just like all the other premium mockups this one also gives you all the basic customization options to create a unique image for your billboard design.

Advertising Outdoor Mock-up is your one-stop solution for all your ad poster presentation needs. As the name implies this mockup includes only outdoor images in its mockup. Right from big landscape billboards to small square billboards, everything is included in this mockup. Using this mockup you can give a clear idea of your design to the users or the clients. The designer of this mockup has made it extremely flexible so that you can even change the color of the wall and the floor. As a package, you get PSD files and all of them have high-resolution images. Additionally, the designer also gives you effects controllers to help you create your own unique scene for your presentation.

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