How to Sell Your Custom Hoodie Designs This Fall

Top Print on Demand Products to Sell This Fall

Summer is officially over and that means lower temperatures, pumpkin spice lattes and all around fall fun. You’re probably looking into fall trends to decide what to sell in your online hoodie shop and plan out these next months in terms of products and marketing. Well, we’ve got you covered, check out some awesome custom hoodie designs as well as mockups that can be used as promo material on social media and your website. With the right tools, this fall season will be a breeze!

Custom Hoodies

Let’s be honest, custom hoodies are a great wardrobe item and when the weather is chilly there’s nothing better than having a comfortable hoodie you love to wrap yourself in. The term “custom hoodie” has 40k searches a month and they peak from September to January according to Google Trends which makes it the perfect item for your shop!

pullover hoodie mockup of a woman looking over her shoulder 28321

Fall Mug Designs

Personalized mugs are a product that is well received all year round but in the time of pumpkin spice latte’s you’ll want a mug design you love as much as your hot beverage of choice. Make sure to let your customers know you have these products in store with mug mockups.

mockup of a woman pouring hot water in an 11 oz mug 28172

Custom Long Sleeve Shirts

Custom long sleeve shirts are a no-brainer for print-on-demand shops, in fall you could do a push at promoting them as it’s a perfect item for this season. Placeit has different styles of long sleeve tees, as well as different models and scenes for you to pick the perfect mockup to promote your shirts.

mockup of a man wearing a long sleeve tee sitting on a stool 23324

Promoting Your Designs Using Mockups

Once you’ve decided what products you’ll like to design and sell, the next step is to get your promotional images on point. As a print on demand seller you have the advantage that you don’t need to have a large product stock, as the sites do everything from printing to shipping, but how are you supposed to promote them? This is where mockups come in handy as you can pick a mockup, download it and promote your designs in a matter of minutes on social media, on your website or using online ads.

Longsleeve shirt Mockup

Revamp Your Store for Fall using Design Templates

Don’t have your fall designs ready? For fall, you’ll want designs that go with the season, maybe you’ll sell a line of holiday themed hoodies, some cool mugs to give to your family over Thanksgiving or even a long sleeve tshirt so they can keep on rocking your design all year round. If you usually hire a designer to make your ideas a reality, why not try out design templates and do it yourself?

Christmas designs

Using Placeit’s T-Shirt Design Templates is super easy, just choose the custom hoodie template you want to use, a graphic for your design and play around with fonts and colors to get the design you’ve always wanted. Their designers are constantly coming up with new and cool concepts which you can download as single purchases or as many as you want with Placeit’s Subscription which lets you download all the designs, mockups and videos you want. You can find all sorts of t-shirt design templates, from holiday specific templates to family reunion templates and everything in between.


Whether you’re selling hoodies, mugs, long sleeve shirts or any other product on your print on demand shop, having the perfect products all year round can really help your online shop be on people’s top of mind. Also, always having updated designs will make customers expect new stuff all the time, and it will make them come back to your store for more!