Tips to Make Your App Icon Stand Out

Icons play an extremely important role in the Click Through Rate (CTR) of a mobile application. Just like in real life, the first impression matters a lot in the App Store. With over 2 million apps in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, it’s crucial for apps to have an optimized icon to stand out from its competitors. 

You want to create an icon that immediately grabs the user’s attention and compels them to download the app. Your main goal is to not only design an app icon that is unique but also depicts the main functionalities. 


How to design better App Icons

There are many things to remember when it comes to the App Icon design. Crafting the high-quality asset may be a really challenging process. 


Make it recognizable

When you think about the most important factor that may decide about the success of an icon may think that it should be visually attractive, simple and surely match platform-specific guidelines. These are all relevant points, but if your icon will not be recognizable… everything will fail.

Avoid difficult texts

While designing, it is important to keep in mind that it for the ease of the audience and thus has to be accordingly. So, do not use such texts which cannot be understood easily or have a certain language type. There should be a universally readable text and easy.

Look for your competitors

There can be many different apps which can have the same concept as that of your app. Thus, make sure to look for their icons and create an icon that is more powerful than the existing ones.

Good for multiple sizes

We work mostly in vector design tools. However, App Icon assets for multiple platforms are still raster graphics formats. Well, designed App Icons are the set of assets that look good in every required size.

Use vibrant colors

When choosing the colors for your app, first, make sure the colors align with your brand. But then take the time to think about how you can make your icon stand out in the search results. Bright colors help your app pop and attracts the user’s attention. Don’t use too many colors either, one or two main colors should be enough. Simple icons drive much more conversion than complex ones.

Go for Simplicity

Simplicity seems to be buzzword nowadays. However, if you have in mind previous point you must know that the right balance of complexity may have the significant impact on your app success.

Test your design

When designing your icon, be careful to not let personal taste or bias get in the way of your conversion rate. Always A/B test your icon to understand which icon succeeds better in encouraging users to download your app.

You can test for different elements such as color, backgrounds but also different features or personalities.

Avoid images

Though pictures have a very attractive look towards the audience, using them in your icon is inappropriate. Just as per Logo design best practices, it is prohibited to make use of actual photos in the mobile app icon.

Design to match the style of an app and brand

The App Icons purpose is to visually communicate with users. It should communicate the values of the solution. This is why the consistency of the design with app’s UI design and the company’s brand guide should be maintained.

Test App Icon with Various Backgrounds

When you design User Interface an app you have full control over the screen or canvas of the device. App Icon designers craft is hard because they have no such control. The icon will be displayed on multiple background wallpapers.

You should prepare your design to be displayed in the changeable environment.

Final Thought…

If you make your audience understand your logo or icon, it helps you get more app downloads. More downloads imply more business sales.

Thus, it is not just that an app needs an icon to be shown to the public, but it needs a representative that can attract the audience to use it.

An icon should be such that it itself can define the app without even looking for the description given about the app.

The icon is considered to be the best when it is unique and expressible to the audience.