Why Are Kaftans a Must Have on Your Vacation

Kaftans are loose-fitting, free-flowing, vibrant and yet, always flattering. While most women tend to think of kaftans as the perfect beachwear (because it is), kaftans are perfect for all seasons. … And obviously, you could wear a colorful kaftan, add some accessories and flaunt it in the summers.

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Kaftan Dress Mockup

With Kaftan’s “one size fits all” design, it’s a natural choice for women across all body types and age groups. Whether someone is thin or fat, kaftan dresses suit everyone. In fact, these dresses are a great clothing option for plus-size women.

That being said, kaftans have found their way back to the fashion scene in recent years (although we cannot say they were ever out of fashion) and are becoming increasingly more popular, pleasing the taste of both women that wish for classy and chic formal outfits and those that are drawn into more casual appearances; yet, do not want to look like a tomboy.

Why You Should Forget Everything You Learned About Why Are Kaftans a Must Have on Your Vacation

A relaxed fit garment with a long-standing global heritage, dresses Australia find their roots in ancient Mesopotamian (modern-day Iraq). It is one true garment style that embraces all sizes and shapes with pure earnestness. They are easy, breezy, and fun! 

Some kaftans cover a lot of the body, others hardly cover anything. When you’re in the mood for a tease, opt for the latter. Enjoy your holiday in this exotic printed Kaftan with Kimono sleeves. We like this one for its pink print kaftan Kurti designs. The color is super versatile too; this could work for daytime or for nighttime.

A shorter kaftan looks amazing over tailored pants and stilettos and can be worn over a pencil skirt, tucked in, and draped with beautifully layered necklaces. For your weekend style, try a midi kaftan styled with your favorite comfortable jeans or leggings, and canvas sneakers.

Black Animal Printed kimono Kaftan jacket Classic and never out of style, this black printed kimono kaftan jacket will be one you wear every summer.