Guest Blog

If so, you’re in the right place!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT Apply if you do not have a VERY STRONG, VERY SOLID grasp of the English language. 

IMPORTANT NOTE #2:  I am looking for EXPERTS with first-hand experience about a topic.   I do not want “writers” who write about “anything.”   I want to share real-world experience from other business owners. 

IMPORTANT NOTE #3:  WE ARE A GRAPHIC DESIGN WEBSITE To Graphic designers entrepreneurs. I do not require articles written about ANYTHING else.

I’m beginning something new here, paying for video submissions and /or written articles for my blog and my membership.  

Here’s the deal:

  • CONTENT must be original work.  (This will be checked!)
  • IF content will be published in my members only (print) newsletter, you’ll get paid MORE money, but you will NOT be able to republish the content elsewhere.
  • If content will be published on our blog,  it can not be republished elsewhere –even on your own blog — for 90 days after it’s published. After these 90 days are up, you’ll be able to republish it as long as you note that, “This content was originally published on”
  • Payment per piece will range from $20 – $100 and will be paid via PayPal on the 1st of the month FOLLOWING the Week it is posted.  (i.e. if your piece is published on January 29rd, you’d be paid on February 1st.)
  • FULL ARTICLES should not be sent over.  To be considered, please enter your information below, and more specific details will be sent over to you.
  • Contact Us For Paid Guest Post Email : – [email protected]