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How to Use Pen Tool in Photoshop

Beginning with the Basics

To begin from the earliest starting point, it’s best to practice fundamental shapes. Select the pen apparatus from the toolbar (or press P). You should simply snap to make the edges of your shape. In the wake of finishing it, you will see a little O on the off chance that you drift over the principal point. You can then tap on that first indicate close the shape.

To transform this into a choice, right snap and go to “Make Selection.”

At whatever point you are working with the pen apparatus, it makes ways. This is the reason you don’t see your shape on a layer; it is put away in a better place. On the off chance that you have to adjust a choice, go to the ways tab and snap on the Work Path. From here, you can hold down CMD and snap on any point to move it around.

Supernatural tip: Hold ALT/OPT and tap on a point to turn it from a bend to a straight line, and the other way around.

The pen device really just takes some practice. Invest energy playing around with shapes and stay focuses!

Pen Paths

Things being what they are, the straightforward shapes you can make sans preparation with the pen device are a portion of the same shapes that you may use to diagram a figure-simply basic bends and lines. While selecting a component in a picture, apply the same essential pen instrument procedures we just went over. It tends to help on the off chance that you select simply inside the edge of the figure (you can simply refine that edge later).

Keep in mind about the mysterious tip from some time recently! In the event that you have to make a sharp edge or alter course in your bend, hold the ALT/OPT key and change the point.

You can likewise drift over any point until you see somewhat short image, and snap to erase that point. The same works the other way on the off chance that you have to include a point (you will see somewhat in addition to image). When you are done, make certain to quit for the day way by floating over the main point and clicking it. Once more, to make a determination from your way, right snap and pick “Make Selection.”

Removing Subjects

What happens if your subject is on a layer, yet you can’t discover your pen way? Try not to worry! Simply tap on the way tab (to one side of the channels tab). You can likewise go to Window — > Paths, and the dialog you need will appear ok away. Once your way is transformed into a determination (right snap to Make Selection, or hold CMD and snap on the way thumbnail), it will be dynamic on your layers. On the off chance that you backpedal into your layers, you ought to see walking ants around the subject.

Click on the layer cover symbol and your choice will be removed consummately from the foundation. Voila! At that point, make another layer underneath your subject. You can fill it with any shading that you’d like.


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