Top 10 Looka Alternatives


In today’s world of the web, it is tough to find a single website that does it all. Pixelmator really does come close to doing it all, but if you need some specific features that are missing from Pixelmator, Looka has those features. In the end, if you want pretty much all of the same features as Pixelmator plus more, then Looka is a good choice. If you like the simplicity of Pixelmator, it may be best to just go with that.

Figma Logo Creator

Yes, Figma Logo Creator is a looka alternative for logos creation. It can create your logo with core integration of Illustrator and Photoshop, is a multipurpose logo creator which can be used for creating different elements such as text, pictures and interactive components.

AAA Logo

AAA Logo Show Archive is AAA Logo a Looka website Alternative. Sharing your own logo designs, pictures. Also sharing high quality graphic designs like photography, related to telecommunication and multimedia field.


Logaster can be considered a website alternative to Looka because it provides the same services and features. All the features found on looka are also found in Logaster without any interferance.


Yes, Placeit is a good website alternative to Looka’s website, I think their backdrops are very similar and their fonts are too. However, there are fewer of them, maybe because they haven’t been with the service for as long as Looka has. But still, they have a lot of beautiful images to offer, so you won’t be disappointed!

When you take a look at the website you see that this website is a pretty good alternative to looka website. The logo creator doesn’t have the same amount of designs as its competitor but the quality and the speed of this website is surprisingly fast and this is an advantage if you are looking fast creation of your logo online.

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Jimdo is a nifty little website making tool that makes can help you create beautiful, content-driven websites. However, if Looka is similar to the features of Jimdo, I’d definitely go with Looka. Jimdo does have a few content options but for me it was more of a headache than a help. Looka allows you to write in different templates and also gives you the option to upload your own font as well. Overall, my experience with Looka has been nothing but pleasurable and I hope it’ll be the same with Jimdo as well.


Is canva a Looka website Alternative – yes, both tools are free to use and they are design automation tools. The easiest way to explain these products is to compare them to Powerpoint or Microsoft Word. In these programs you have different components that are easy to customize, while you don’t have full control over the end result.


Squarespace is another great platform to consider with your next project, as it has a nice balance between ease of use and professional design. And like Looka, Squarespace also has pre-made designs to choose from, making setup even more simple.


After this evaluation of DesignwithAI, we can confidently declare that it is indeed a Looka website alternative, even though it does have slightly fewer features than Looka. Nonetheless, all in all the two are very close in terms of functionality and ease of use – which is nice because that way you can explore different options without having to change your whole workflow.

As you go through our list, hopefully you’ll find a logo designer that makes you happy. Make sure to have fun with your logo design, and good luck!