Why we Should use Mockups

There is a Mockup for Everything

Using mockups to showcase your products is the best way to show them off without the need for a professional photo shoot.

Graphic Designers use mockups all the time to show their clients how a design will look “in real life”.

The most common mockups are the ones for devices, t-shirts, mugs, and flat-lay photography for social media graphics. You can also mock up a business card, an Ebook or trifold flyer or brochure, and even a wireframe for UX Design.

Benefits Of A Mock-Up In Website Design

A PSD mockup refers to a mid-to high-fidelity (detailed and realistic) static picture of a web design that aims to demonstrate the fonts, icons, color schemes, navigation visuals, images, and content layout. 

Here are the elements you need to study during a mockup web design:

  • Typography: The font type, size, and style, text spacing, and alignment comprise typography. Make sure that these visual design tools won’t distract from reading or become an eyesore.
  • Content Layout: This refers to how web content is displayed on a screen or web page. One good example of implementing great content layout is the Gutenberg diagram, otherwise known as the F-pattern or Z-pattern layout.
  • White Space: Spacing means leaving an area empty. It is also called negative space, which aims to strike a perfect balance in web design. It avoids an overloaded or bare web page.
  • Color Scheme: The color scheme refers to the colors and shades you can use in your project, which can significantly impact user emotions. Choosing the right colors should make a website more visible, most especially if you want to draw your audience toward your content. Keep in mind the importance of text color contrast.
  • User Navigation Visual Tools: Some examples of visual navigation tools include a pull-down menu, a set of arrows, a sider, toggles, sliders, or a footer.

kinds of mockups are there?

  • Device Mockups (phones, laptops, and tablets)
  • Clothing Mockups (t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, caps)
  • Logo Mockups (business cards, letterheads, tags) 
  • Branding Mockups (style guides, stationery)
  • Freebies Packaging Mockups (bottles, tubes, boxes, bags) 
  • Social Media Mockups (Instagram quotes and stories, headers, featured images)
  • Artistic Mockups (posters, prints, photographs, wall art)
  • Poster Mockup Collection ( Photo Retouching Services, Retouching Blog, Photo Editing Tips )

Benefits of Mockup Provide:

Here are some of the possible suggestions you can get from mockups in order to help you apply the various combinations of design elements and constraints.

  • Layout suggestion

A mockup helps you apply several layouts, while also giving you a clear view of what the information you’ve included looks like.

  • Contrast suggestion

It can also provide you with good contrast suggestions so that you can choose the perfect background that fits well with your text.

  • Color usage suggestion

Safe to say that mockup provides you with an amazing variety of color suggestions, which means that you will never run out of options when it comes to adding that amazing appearance to your application.

  • Typography help

Gone are the days when developers had to decide upon the fonts, sizes, style, and spacing of their application texts based on their intuition. Nowadays, mockup does all the decision-making for you with its amazing suggestions.

  • Spacing criteria

This will also help you decide on how much space you need to have between paragraphs, words, and sentences.

Saves money

Why waste resources and money when you have a prototype, like a mockup to build on? Without premium mockups, developers will have no choice but to experiment on their original designs until they get the actual result they desire, which could result in a wastage of funds and resources.

Increases productivity

When you have a preset framework to work with, designing becomes easy. With mockups, you get a variety of design elements that you can then apply to your design in order to get the best performance.

There are lots of places online to get good-quality customizable mockups for your brand or website. Below are my absolute favorites. They have some freebie options if you are short on cash:

Free Big Snack Paper Bag Mockup