How To Create a Digital Marketing Strategy

It’s the 21st century. Most people spend several hours each day in front of their computer or mobile device. Real-world advertising has been on the decline. People no longer want to watch commercials or pay attention to radio advertisements. Digital marketing has become at the forefront of marketing.

We interviewed a digital marketing expert, The Shirtless Web Guy (, for the steps necessary in creating your digital marketing strategy, so that you can have your website and digital marketing efforts attract leads to your business all day, every day.

1) Have your website in order

All your digital marketing efforts will lead your web traffic to one place: your website. If your website is slow, outdated, or looks like something from the 1990s then you need to resolve this issue before moving forward with any digital marketing efforts. Otherwise, the leads you attract to your website will disappear faster than it took them to get there.

2) Focus on long-term or short-term results?

I know what you’re thinking, why would any business not want to focus on long-term results? Well, when you’re a new business it’s almost always wise to focus on short-term gains, because your business may not be around 1 year from now. If your business is already established or you have a healthy marketing budget then you can focus on a more long-term strategy.

It’s a good idea to understand which area you’re in, because if you’re looking for long-term gain then starting a search-engine-optimization (SEO) campaign is ideal. It takes time to rank your website on the 1st page of Google for your services, but once you’re there it’s a golden position to be in.

If your strategy is more short-term, then running ads will be the ideal digital marketing strategy for your business. Specifically, search ads and advertising on Google. Because when people are searching for a service or product and they don’t know who to buy from, they go to Google to find a service provider or seller.

3) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Why is getting your website on the 1st page of Google so important? Let me explain. There are potentially thousands, if not hundreds of people each month searching online for your services or products. An SEO expert can tell you roughly how many people are searching. Getting your website in front of those leads can grow your business tremendously. Especially if your website gets to the first 3 positions on Google.

Many businesses that are ranking at the top of Google are attracting clicks to their website that would otherwise cost them thousands of dollars in advertising spend each month. That’s the long-term value of getting your website to the top of Google.

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4) Pay Per Click Ads (PPC)

Pay-per-click ads are perfect if you need short-term gains, or if you have a large marketing budget and want to combine it with SEO efforts. PPC will get you leads to your website nearly right away. There are no waiting months for a return on investment, but the downside is that it’s something you’ll have to pay for forever if it becomes a core part of your digital marketing strategy. Depending on your industry that might be worth it; your ad spend may be attracting 3x the amount of cash that you’re spending. But still, if you’re thinking at all long-term when creating your digital marketing strategy then you should be combining your PPC efforts with an ongoing SEO campaign.

To Conclude

As you can see, digital marketing requires a certain set of skills that cannot be learned overnight. Knowing the ins and outs of social media is one core skill. An example would be finding someone who has mastered the Instagram algorithm (and continues to learn the new updates) to take care of your Instagram marketing efforts. Finding an expert to help you create your digital marketing strategy and implementing it can save you months, if not years of trial and error. If you own a small business you can’t afford 6 months of trial and error before choosing to finally turn to a professional. The Shirtless Web Guy is offering complimentary, no-pressure consultations to help you attract ready-to-buy leads to your website.

Contact him now to create your digital marketing strategy.